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Paleolithic and Neolithic Art
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Paleolithic and Neolithic Art
Art and the Afterlife: Egyptian Art and Architecture
Art and the Afterlife: The Ancient Near East
Art and Mythology: Greek Art and Architecture
Art and Empire: Roman Art and Architecture
Art and Salvation: Early Christian/Gothic Art
Art and Salvation: The Early Renaissance
Art in the Age of Humanism: The High Renaissance
Art of Theatricality: The Baroque
Art of Reason and Passion: Neoclassicism and Romanticism
Art and the Collapse of Absolutes: Realism and Impressionism
Art of the Inner Soul: Post-Impressionism and Expressionism
Art of New Vision: Cubism to Abstract Expressionism
Art of Irony: From Pop to Post-Modern
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Below are the images we've seen in class.

These photo albums contain all the images on your slide lists. Some of the works have more than one image in order for you to get a better sense of the work. Click on the menu at the left to begin: The works are catagorized by time period and culture, as they appear on your slide lists.

Left: Calf-bearer, c.570 B.C., Marble.

Calf Bearer, Marble, c.570 B.C.E., from the Archaic Greek Period

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