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Art 31 Course Requirements

Art 31: The Visual Experience
Professor Brian Edward Hack

Wisdom and Knowledge Shall Be the Stability of Thy Times, sculpted by Lee Lawrie

Assigned Text:

Laurie Schneider Adams, A History of Western Art, Third Edition

A History of Western Art--The Textbook for Art 31: The Visual Experience

There is an excellent website which accompanies this textbook. There you will find sample tests, chapter summaries, images of works shown in class, and even crossword puzzles to expand your cranial capacity. Click below to go to the website for 'A History of Western Art':

Class requirements:

Come to class! Take useful notes on the works of art, noting date, style,
facts about each work and the artist, and other information or ideas you
feel make the work meaningful. Much of what I say in class will not be in
the textbook, so it will definitely help if you can make it to class.
Naturally I would like you to do extremely well in this course. One surefire
way of accomplishing this is to come to class, keep up on the reading
assignments and complete the final assignment (see below).

Final Assignment: You will visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art--one of the greatest museums in the world--and complete a written assignment based on your experience there.

FINAL ASSIGNMENT: 30% of grade

TWO SHORT QUIZZES: 30% of grade

FINAL EXAM: 30% of grade

It is highly recommended that students attend and add their comments to
class discussions; you won't be graded on what you say, but your grade
will suffer if you choose to not add your voice. Your opinion and ideas
count--let them be heard.

Note: Regular attendance and participation will also affect your grade,
particularly when a final grade is on the borderline.

The Ancient of Days, by William Blake, 1794